A reusable coffee cup poked just above the countertop at the beanery. A voice squeaked, "Double shot large flat white, please - 20% Mexican, 80% Ethiopian." The barista looked over the counter to see where the voice was emanating from. The cup was held by a small paw attached to a Grey Squirrel wearing a Synth Riders t-shirt. The Coffee Squirrel looked up at the Barista, "Also could I please have 500g of your single origin Colombian, clearly their finest export." The barista paused, blinking in confusion as they accepted the squirrel's keep cup. They'd not seen a squirrel in Australia before and definitely would have remembered if they had spoken to one. "Do you need that ground?" she asked. The Coffee Squirrel said, "No, no thank you." All the barista could do was extract coffee and wonder uneasily what the future held. The prophecy was coming true, it was just as the meme had foretold: Squirrels + Coffee - Dear God, help us.